Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Toothpaste kisses

Last week,i met her in the half step door,i think shes the leader,the virgin and she's really thin,i send her a message card.Second day i saw her , she must of come of an animation match because she was wearing pompons, i toke her to my apartment and i fucked her.
-I fucked my american cut,it was dirty ,a dream come true, just like i like it.
Okey girls, pay attention, i met the hottest guy ever, i came face to face with my cousin what ever,so i saw him, he was wearing skinny jeans,funky hear and the cuttest british accent i ever heard,he had sexy attitude, he is totaly awsome, oh my god i think im in love
-I loved my english romance,it was perfect a dream come true,just like a song.

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  1. Me encantan estas fotos julia
    un besito aver si te veo